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Sensory Room

Thank you for enquiring about our brand new amazing Sensory Room.
Please take the time to read through all the information below, if you have any questions that are not covered then please do ask.

  • How do you book a session?

    Until the centres are open as normal we are taking bookings via telephone most mornings between 9.30-12.30.  Please check our Facebook page for updates and which telephone number to call.
    Once we re-open fully from May 17th lines will be open from 9.30am to 5.30pm book on 01623 555994.
    Please bare with us as lines are extremely busy.

  • How long is a session?

    A session is 1 hour long. This includes entry to departure. Times are set to allow the room to be fully cleaned between sessions.  Customers MUST exit the room on time to enable the cleaning process to take place ready for the next family.

  • How much is a session?

    Sessions are £20 for one hour.

    You are able to book a double session, however this must be as per the session times below.  It is not possible to book a double session either side of the cleaning and fogging times.

  • What times are the sessions?

    Session run Monday to Sunday

    10.00am - 11.00am
    11.15am - 12.15pm
    12.30pm - 1.30pm
    1.45pm - 2.45pm
    3.00pm - 4.00pm
    4.15pm - 5.15pm

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The room is not soundproof; you may hear sounds from the main play centre. 

The room is not a specialized therapy room and is not padded. It is a calming environment with sensory items for babies and toddlers and children with additional needs.

Entry to the soft play area is not included. If you would like to go into the soft play before or after your booking you will need to book and make payment for this separately due to capacity restrictions.

We do not have a hoist or any assistance equipment.

We do not have a large changing unit.? We do have a spacious disabled toilet with a standard sized baby changing unit which is within the soft play centre.

Yes you can order via a member of staff or at the counter.  Food and drink purchased on site may be eaten in the sensory room. Food that has NOT been purchased onsite cannot be consumed on the premises.

Masks are to be worn on entry, in the reception area and whilst you are walking to counter/toilets etc
You may take off the masks once inside the sensory room.

The Capacity is 6 in total.  Current government guidelines state ONE family or bubble only. This will be reviewed regularly an adjusted with government guidelines.

You can arrive 5 minutes before your booking slot. Please make your way to the reception and a member of staff will get you signed in. Please wear a mask and sanitize in the reception area. When it is your time we will show you through to the room.

Unfortunately there is no separate entrance; you will need to come through the main reception and soft play centre.

We do not have specifically trained staff, we are not a specialized therapy room, and we have created a sensory space for children.

Yes we have a sensory ball pit that lights up and changes colours.  Sensory ball pits are allowed with current government guidelines.

We fog the ball pit and sensory room every 2.5 hrs, so please only book if you are happy with this.

Our staff will clean the room, table’s chairs, and touch points between each session. All items and toys will be cleaned after each session.  The room will be ventilated during cleaning opening all windows and doors.
There is a sanitizing station within the room.

We are aiming to start out with 0-6 years of age, looking to extend this up to age 10 for children with additional needs. 

Customers are responsible for the children at all times, please respect the items within the sensory room and report any damages or breakage's as soon as possible to a member of staff.

YES we are over the moon to be bringing back our SEND sessions.  We are currently planning dates and will create events and advertise on our Face book page.

YES we are pleased to offer a BRAND NEW option which is A SENSORY VIP PARTY. This will consist of the same features of our VIP party package plus use of the sensory room.  Bubble machine features around the centre, low lighting, low music and calming music. Numerous calming areas and visual areas around the centre including a Sensory interactive floor feature.  Ask a member of staff or message us for more information.

NO you cannot just go into the room if it is empty. You must book to go in the room.  Please see a member of staff to check if it is available.

YES - we will try our best to assist you, whether it is turning down music, removing items, turning lights on or off.

This is only possible if the session time is available and it does not cross over the 'Close for fogging' session.

Unfortunately the room is booking only and the cost is non refundable. You will not be able to enter the soft play due to number restrictions as we may be full to capacity.
Please see a member of staff.

Yes there is a fire exit door in the room, with an extinguisher below.  It is your responsibility to supervise all occupants of the room and stay clear of the door. If the door does get pushed open an extremely loud alarm will go off in the main building and a staff member will check all exits promptly.
If you here the fire bell, make your way outside to the car park via the normal entry if possible, if not use the emergency fire exit.

Yes? For one week each month we will be holding sensory sessions for babies. This is part of our 4 weekly Rota of activities which also includes painting, messy play, mascot and Funtimez musicals, cake and biscuit decorating.  Our Face book page will give dates of the sensory for babies sessions.


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